One of the guiding principles in the design of this project was a development that was sensitive to our local environment. We’re incredibly grateful to be the current custodians of this land, and we’ve adopted the following environmentally sensitive practices to ensure that The Villas - Barossa continues to be ecologically responsible:

Construction & Grounds

  • Ecoshelta Villas constructed with fully modular frame and Structural Insulating Panel (SIPS) floor, wall and roofing systems

  • Double glazed windows and use of passive solar design to optimise heating and cooling

  • Use of ceiling fans, 1 metre roof overhangs and cross-ventilation for cooling, with energy efficient reverse cycle air conditioning for temperature extremes

  • Use of energy-efficient lighting (LED & dimmable)

  • Use of solar-powered landscape lighting

  • Landscaping with native plants indigenous to Marananga and the Barossa

  • Rain water captured in tank and reticulated through The Villas via a UV purification filter. (South Australia is an extremely low rainfall state - in times when rain water is scarce, mains water is used in The Villas)

  • Installation of wastewater treatment facility and reticulation of all treated waste water to landscaping

Cleaning & Amenities

  • Use of bulk dispensers for Vasse Virgin amenities rather than single-use containers, thus reducing waste

  • Separation and recycling of plastics, paper, glass, cans, including placing recycling bins in Villas

  • Use of 100% recycled paper for toilet paper, and paper towels

  • Use of non-chemical, natural cleaners

  • Cold-water washing and air drying where possible


  • Using local produce as first priority, and then South Australian products

  • Purchase of food ingredients in bulk whenever possible, minimizing packaging waste

  • Use of bulk, glass storage containers for condiments rather than single-use containers.

  • Use of Barossa Coffee Roasters locally-roasted, organic plunger coffee

  • No single-use coffee pods